Finance Elements


The strength of the Finance Elements Group evolves from the uniqueness and performance of our elements.

The FEG combines old and new economy, analogue and digital worlds, as well as the strengths, experiences and knowledge of generation X, Y and Z.

We combine excellent consulting services, intelligent management solutions, business process outsourcing, and related research. We create and maintain database systems, digital tool worlds and platforms that make hidden optimisation potential visible.

In the enormous complexity of the markets, the FEG is the future architect, (r)evolutionary and digital engineer of new business models.

The Finance Elements Group is the gravitational focus and control centre of the Common Sense Universe.

Our current satellites: Common Sense Consulting, Common Sense Services and Common Sense Intelligence.

Our current satellites:

Common Sense Consulting

CSC = Consulting Excellence

Common Sense Consulting is a holistic management consultancy with a specialised concept in asset finance management and contract portfolio management.

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Common Sense Services

CSS = Business Process Outsourcing

Individual and complex requirements are our daily business at CSS. We aggregate data and information, continuously and sustainably and link it purposefully to information relevant to decision-making for our customers.

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Common Sense Intelligence

CSI = Database-, Tool- & Platform – Development

With an extraordinary understanding of the complexity of the requirements, technical expertise and creativity, CSI creates a digital world to support management decisions, operates databases and develops platforms for the automation of business processes.

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